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"We look forward to sharing the excitement of Shillong with you, & making your stay with us a memorable one!"
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Thank you for the very personal care given to all four of us by Sharlene, Rukma and the friendly staff. We have enjoyed our 18 days here and will be returning.
- Lucille, Valerie, Ronnie and Andre
   New South Wales, Australia
A stroll through Aerodene Cottage
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Aerodene Cottage has been recently restored as a quaint ensemble that combines the old traditional cottage style with all modern amenities.
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You are Welcome @ Aerodene Cottage, Shillong!
Nestled in the heart of Shillong, where one would least expect to find it, Aerodene Cottage, a restored 60 year old home bears all the semblance of a traditionally styled ‘Assam type’ structure. Built in 1950 along the Umshyrpi River, the cottage stands on stone stilts two feet off the ground, supported by a wooden frame that rises to further support a pitched corrugated iron roof. What makes the cottage distinctive as an ‘Assam type’ are the wooden panels that frame young dried bamboo (ikkra) which is covered with surkki (a combination of sand and lime), an excellent mixture that can repel moisture effectively. These wooden frames are left exposed, adding a certain charm to the design which is unique to the north east of India.

Traditional cottage with all modern amenities
Aerodene Cottage also bears the distinction of being Shillong's only boutique guest house facility, providing intimate garden spaces. Each room with an en suite bathroom, is done in its own distinctive style using a sophisticated palette of colours. This B&B bears all the warmth and comfort of home, supported by attentive yet discrete service.

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Rated Aerodene Cottage, The Best Hotels in Shillong
By Sharell Cook, Guide   November 24, 2011
Lately, I've been getting a lot of interest from people wanting to know more about the North East region of India. One of the most popular destinations is Shillong, a former British hill station and capital of Meghalaya. (From there you can take a day trip to see the fascinating root bridges of Cherrapunji, and the state is well known for its caves too).

Aerodene Cottage is a very charming restored 60 year old home built in tradition Assam style, with wood panels and bamboo plastered walls. It's operated as a boutique guest house that combines heritage with modern amenities. What makes it a really special place to stay is that it has the perfect cottage garden, with plenty of private areas for reading and recreation. Another highlight is the Wellness Center, with yoga and meditation programs, as well as a day spa for Ayurvedic treatments. The cottage also has a very convenient location in town. If you're looking for a cozy and homely experience, this is your place!