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"We look forward to sharing the excitement of Shillong with you, & making your stay with us a memorable one!"
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What Others Say:
Thank you for the very personal care given to all four of us by Sharlene, Rukma and the friendly staff. We have enjoyed our 18 days here and will be returning.
- Lucille, Valerie, Ronnie and Andre
   New South Wales, Australia
A stroll through Aerodene Cottage
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Pandora's Box
Though the title Pandora's Box may invoke mixed feelings, we prefer a happier interpretation in keeping with the true nature of all things Meghalayan, after all, in Greek "Pandora" means "all giving"

Pandora rises from the earth;  She is the Earth, giver of all gifts... an interpretation that truly befits this land of Matriarchy.

Reach into the heart of Shillong and discover...
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Along the flora trail
The Sacred Grove
3 Mukhi Rudraksha   A gem hidden by moss   Keep a sharp look out for wild orchids

Rudraksha Tree        

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